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Record all your keystrokes and mouse movements and save them for later reuse
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When in need to perform a certain combination of keystrokes and mouse actions a number of times, Axife Standard can help you automate the task in the most intuitive and efficient way. The app can record a script with all the keyboard and mouse events involved, delays included, which you can then edit and fine-tune so that the task to be repeated fits all your requirements.

Recording a new script is as simple as recording a new audio track. Just click on the Record button on the main window and perform the task to be repeated from start to finish. The main window will work as a console where all keystrokes, mouse movements, mouse clicks, and delays between actions will be listed in the order they occurred unless you have told the program beforehand to ignore any of these elements. The newly created script can be saved as is or edited to make further repetitions even more efficient. Thus, for instance, you can insert keystrokes you forgot or remove delays that you consider no longer necessary.

Simple as it seems, automating cursor and mouse movements isn’t without hurdles. A slight deviation from the original position of a specific window or an unexpected change in the resolution of the screen in which the script was recorded may produce unwanted and unpredictable results when playing it back. That is why Axife Standard offers you a normal recording mode and a smart recording mode. The former will save (and reuse) absolute coordinates of the cursor position, while the latter will take a more flexible approach – it will look for the window in question and will use relative coordinates to reproduce the required movements accurately in the new position. Another hurdle that you need to take into account when using this tool refers to the use of hotkeys on some programs running on Windows 7 and later. In some cases, these hotkeys may not play back properly. In order to avoid these compatibility issues between versions, you are advised to run Axife Standard always as administrator. Last, but not least, the cursor may go to the wrong location during playback because of different compatibility issues in high DPI mode. To avoid this you will need to check the “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” in the Compatibility tab of the app’s Properties window.

Once you’ve taken care of all these caveats, you will find that Axife Standard produces good quality scripts that you can schedule and trigger with a high level of flexibility. You can also design your own repetition routines and even modify the speed at which the various actions will be performed. The app’s own Task Manager will also allow you to trigger multiple scripts in the order of your choice and following the speed, repetition, schedule, and trigger settings that fit your needs. Though not a free tool, Axife Standard is an affordable one – yet another reason to give it a try.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Produces editable scripts
  • Smart recording mode with relative coordinates
  • Flexible customization settings
  • Batch script playback


  • Requires some tweaking on the user's side to avoid compatibility issues
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